2 Jaw 180? Swing Away Heavy Duty Gripper – GRW Series

Compact Design

Series Angular Grippers are designed to allow the jaws of the gripper to swing away from the work
place making them ideal for close proximity, multi-station robotic pick and place applications. The compact
design incorporates precision components for high levels of repeatability and accuracy.

Syncronised Motion

Gripper jaws are syncronised using a high precision rack and pinion mechanism, ensuring a perpendicular
motion. Hardened steel gears and precision bushes ensure positional repeatability and a protection mechanism
ensures dust proof operation and long operating life. The slide mechanism is designed to provide a smooth and
precise operation, even when extended gripper arms are attached.

High Precision Control

The mechanical components and bearings are designed to ensure high precision repeatability ± 0.02mm


Technical Data
Bore (mm) 20 25 32 40 50
Effective Force at 5 bar (Nm) 0.30 0.73 1.61 3.70 8.27
Weight (Kg) 0.3 0.53 1 2.2 5.15
Opening Angle 182° 182° 182° 182° 182°
Closing Angle -5° -6° -5° -5° -4°
Operating Frequency (max) c.p.m 60 60 30 30 30
Acting Type Double acting
Operating Pressure (bar) 1.5 to 7
Fluid Filtered 40μ. Use with or without lubrication
Ambient & Fluid Temperature (°C) -10 to 60
Lubrication Not required
Repeatability ± 0.2