Impulse Generators Non Adjustable Pulse

The Impulse Generator is a device which is used in a pilot signal line to produce a momentary pulse of air in order to eliminate the possibility of a held-on signal. The pulse duration is fixed at 0.2 seconds and is non-adjustable. Impulse Generators are installed in-between the signalling valve (normally a 3/2 valve) and the pilot valve being actuated. The signal from the 3/2 valve is maintained at port 1 of the impulse generator, which then activates a single air pulse to operate the pilot valve. To repeat the cycle the pilot signal must be exhausted and applied again.


Technical Data
Ports 4mm push-in fittings
Temperature range max 60oC
Working pressure 2 to 10 bar
Fluid 50μ filtered, lubricated or non lubricated air