ISO 15218 10mm Micro Valves – B Series

Low consumption
High flow rate
Magnetic memory


Technical Data
Ambient temperature -5 to +50 °C
Fluid 10 μm filtered air, with or without lubrication
B11 B10 B12
Pressure (max) 9 bar 7 bar 7 bar
Operating frequency 5hz 5hz 5hz
Nominal Ø 0.8 (3/2 NC)
1.3 (3/2 NO)
0.8 1.3
Nominal flow rate (Nl/min) 15 15 30
Power Consumption 1W 0.3W (speed up 1W) 0.6W (speed up 1W)
Fixing 2 screws M1.6
Connections ISO 15218 interface
Valve Body self-extinguishing technopolymer
Seals NBR
Voltage 24 V DC (12V DC upon request)
Electrical connection D-535U40 (IP65), solder pin (IP00), Molex
Led yellow (standard supplied)
Manual override monostable button