Oval Cylinders – OV Series

Compact oval cylinder with adjustable pneumatic cushioning and standard magnetic version; its special shape allows the assembly of several coupled cylinders with reduced overall dimensions (in width).


Type Oval cylinder
Operating Pressure 1.5 – 10 bar
Fluid Compressed air, Filtered 50µm. Use with or without lubrication
Ambient temperature -20°C to 80°C
Barrel Anodised Aluminium
End Caps Anodised Aluminium
Piston Aluminium
Piston Guide Technopolymer
Piston Rod Stainless steel (Ø18-25), chromium-plated steel (Ø32 to 80)
Piston Seal Nitrile rubber
Guide bush for piston rod Standard supplied
Piston rod scraper seals Polyurethane
Cushioning Pneumatic adjustable (standard supplied)
Magnet Standard supplied
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