Push-in Fittings – Nickel Plated Brass

High Flow

Full flow fittings in accordance with internal diameter of tube selected.


Design incorporates a double clamping security locking ring, which eliminates the possibility of the tube being pulled accidentally from the fitting. An internal support ring reduces the possibility of air leakage, by retaining the sealing position at all times.


TecnAir metal fittings are in accordance with ISO 14743 and are RoHS and PED compliant.


Technical Data
Materials  Nickel Plated Brass (EN-12164 – CW614N), Nickel Plated Zamak (UNI 3717)
Tube OD (mm) 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14
Seals  Oil resistant Rubber (NBR)
Operating Pressure  -0.99 to 16 bar
Operating temperature  Max + 80° Min -10°
Media  Filtered Compressed Air and Vacuum
Tube Tolerance  4 to 10mm tube 0.05, 12 to 14 mm tube 0.1
Preferred Tube Material  Polyurethane, Nylon (PA6), Rilsan (PA11/12), Teflon
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